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Geo Keats.

Anonymous: Current WCIF information from B on SheSims.

Hello, future babies. I’m super sorry but I don’t have a WCIF at the moment. Reason being: I have not kept any sort of record of where I find any of my content up to this point. But I’ll be working on that in the future. HOWEVER, if you see something on one of my sims that you are DYING to have, ask me where I found it, and I’ll try to remember, but there are no promises here on SheSims right now.

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Hi! Let’s get this blog up and going. 

This is one of my favorite sims. Her name is Cassie Wakefield. (Previously Mena- she was born into the Mena Legacy and later married) She is simply gorgeous for being born in-game. 

I didn’t go into immense photo-editing detail with this simply because I’m just SO anxious to get this simblr started!